5 Grown-Up Ways To Wear A Graphic Tee

5 Ways To Wear A Graphic Tee Like A Grown Up

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A good graphic tee can hold a special place in your closet, it doesn't have to feel like a throwback to those awkward teenage years. Graphic tees are like an unsung accessory all on thier own, a classic fitting tee with a fun accessory printed on your chest (or back maybe). An easy way to change out an outfit that maybe feels a little too dressy, too basic or maybe to grown up - just switch out the top for a simple graphic tee. Here are five ways to wear a graphic tee, like a grown up - five of our favourite ways, number four might be our fave.


5 ways to wear graphic tees, keep it simpleKEEP IT SIMPLE; with your favourite pair of jeans that make you feel like a million bucks and versatile accessories. No need to get over complicated, let the tee do the talking...literally.

the hello of it tshirt - cropped skinny jeans -  nike tennis sneakers - aviator glasses - gold timex - mustard cross body bag

5 ways to wear a graphic tee, elevatedELEVATED; instead of a dressy shirt, make your graphic tee the item that pulls the whole look together and grounds it - a tomboy essential.

girl gang t-shirt (print on back) - pleated midi skirt - cut out booties - structured handbag - newsboy cap


5 ways to wear a graphic tee, business casualBUSINESS CASUAL; Change out our top at the end of the day, perfect for a night out or just for a day spent wearing a graphic tee with trousers.


 5 ways to wear a graphic tee, casual chicCASUAL CHIC; go for the season's top timeless trends, a pair of high rise wide leg jeans and mules will elevate an otherwise casual tee.

keep it real t-shirt - high rise wide leg jeans - printed mulegold timex - forest clutch - collar necklace


5 ways to wear a graphic tee, daytime eveningEVENING DAYTIME; take your little black evening dress and wear it during the day, layered over that graphic tee.

the hello of it tshirt - long strappy dress - olive platform sneakers - quilted bum bag 


Or just wear your favourite graphic tee however you like, because you're a flipping grown up and clothing rules are for kids and teenagers. But hey it's always nice to have a little inspo now and then. Which one is your favourite...outfit or tee?



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