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How To Effortlessly Wear A Neck Scarf |

How To Effortlessly Wear A Neck Scarf

Neck scarfs are super hot right now (hotter than Hansel even) and for good reason - it's a super easy accessory to pull off. Plus it can change your whole outfit in a quick tie and you probably already own one somewhere in your house (maybe check.

And hey, if you like the way it looks but you're feeling rather meh about wearing one around your neck, tieing it around your purse strap or your wrist is also an option while still keeping the "look". Quickly tying a neck scarf on is probably our current favourite summer way to change up our basics up, perfect for those who capsule wardrobe and want to change up their items and keep your outfits looking unique.
[top image source via fiber and sydney marie photography]


How to wear a neck scarf | FRANC[image top left: her new tribe - image top right: pinterest - image bottom left: - image bottom right:]

And because we can't in good conscience just leave you without showing you first at least one easy way to tie it. Here is a really good easy place to start - but it would also be pretty fun to try different "ties" with different outfits because if that's not fun I just don't know what is!

How To Tie A Neck Scarf | FRANC


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