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9 Simple Ways To Change Up Your Outfit | FRANC

9 Really Simple Ways To Change Up Your Favourite Outfit

Do the majority of your outfits consist of basics, well then we love you...obvi. But sometimes you can fall into the wearing-the-same-thing-everyday-rut, right? Okay, it's not actually a rut (per say), it's actually quite awesome to know your style that well. But sometimes you can get that feeling like you are always wearing the same thing – total first world problem, but this is real life.

In our humble opinion, the best style comes when items fit you well - everyone instantly has this air of confidence when we feel good in clothes. And there is nothing better than knowing your style so well that you are constantly reaching for it - that's the stuff people dream about...some people, most people.

A style formula works best when two key things are present:

A) The items you wear fit you well - you feel more confident when you feel good in the clothes and they flatter you!
B) When you just know what you like so well you are constantly reaching for it, because again confidence - and you probably reach for it often because you know it looks good and flatters you. 

You honestly don't need much else, there are no new trends or style direction that can do this for you – good style is all you.

Sometimes though, you want to add a little something more to the mix, to change things up even juuust a little bit. That doesn't always mean you need to go a buy a new accessory, expensive pair of jeans or that new "it" blazer. There are a few really simple ways to change up that go-to outfit, to make it look a little different from the last time you wore it.The next time you're feeling "I always wear this!" or "I just wore this", remind yourself that's pretty awesome and then just go throw our short checklist of REALLY SIMPLE style tips to change up your favourite outfit - the last minute kind. 

The next time you're feeling "I always wear this!" or "I just wore this", remind yourself how awesome that is (refer back to the above) and then just go through our short checklist of REALLY SIMPLE style tips to change up your favourite outfit - these are all the very last minute kind of changes (because real life). 

Next time you are feeling pretty meh about your fave outfit, run through this checklist (maybe even get crazy do all 9):

1. Did You Tuck That Top In Last Time?
If you did, why not try a half tuck, or maybe tie it in a small knot or leave it untucked.
2. Add An Accessory?
Only wearing two items, add one more. Depending on the season and what you love, a necklace, scarf, big bold earrings or something in your hair - maybe not all at once...but maybe ALL?
3. How Did You Wear Your Hair?
Do you wear your hair the same most days? Simply changing your hairstyle can change the whole look of an outfit, for real. Think of your hairstyle as an accessory, mind-blowingly easy.
4. Roll Something Up.
Your jeans maybe? Go for a cropped or cuffed look. Or maybe it's your sleeves, short or long.
5. Add A Layer.
A button down open over top, a cardi, blazer, a jacket, heck even a dress under or over something? Try combining two favourites that you have never put together before.
6. Put On A Bold Red Lip.
But be prepared for people to ask you why you are dressed up, even if you are wearing jeans and a tee. It's basically an instant outfit changer.
7. Switch Something Out.
Maybe change your usual bottoms for something that has been sitting in your closet but hasn't gotten much love in a while? Maybe give it a day to shine by pairing it with something else you wear all the time.
8. Switch Out Your Shoes.
You were reaching for that pair you love the most, but maybe grab that pair of pumps or booties you save for other outfits.
9. Maybe You Just Need Something New?
Not something that has an instant change to your outfit right now, but maybe you just need to try a new colour in your favourite style? Or maybe that a new layer to add on, so the next time you are feeling this meh feeling, you have that new item to filter in.

Do you have any quick and easy (last min) ways to change up your outfit?

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