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Alert: voguebursts.com is a copyright infringement of FRANC and a spam site

We discovered that another website had copied our entire site. They have replicated all our content as a complete duplicate. We are taking all necessary and possible actions to have this site removed and sincerely hope our efforts are successful. In the meantime, since we are unsure of the intent of this other site, we can only assume it is malicious, as is the case with every other spam call, text, and email we all receive on the daily. I wanted to inform you to not shop or enter any information at voguebursts.com as this is a spam site and in no way affiliated with Franc the brand.

If you come across the clone voguebursts.com, know that this is not Franc nor is it in any way or affiliated with Franc the brand.

This comes after facing considerable issues and challenges as a small business. This, along with everything I have been working through in the past two years, is weighing heavily on Franc and me as the founder. And I know the question most of you will ask, and this message would also lack it's Franc-ness if I didn't share "How did we find out about this site?" Honestly, our sales and traffic dropped quite drastically in the past week, especially after just launching new colours in our bestsellers, which made it feel extra strange (something felt off). So, I delved into our analytics to try and find anything that might be a red flag. What I found was peculiar traffic coming from a site I'd never heard of, so I checked out the site. Only to find a full replica of Franc. To say this is disheartening and stressful is a bit of an understatement, and having to share yet another instance of bad news and bad luck is the last thing what I wanted to be doing again in 2024. 

So please think of this as a PSA: Always check the URL to ensure it matches the content and the site you are on; these spammers are smart and very sneaky.

 voguebursts.com is spam, a copy, and likely malicious. Do not submit any information if you come across this site. 


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