How To Find The Right Size For YOU, Every Time.


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One of the biggest frustrations is that most brands don't even carry your size!  Your either fall in-between regular and plus sized stores and nothing fits right. or the brands you want to shop at don't carry your size, As if they don't think your body is worth dressing!?

Let's start this guide by saying SIZE AIN'T NOTHING BUT A NUMBER - it is not your score, and it does not define you.

Size is simply here so you can have a gauge of what will fit, sadly there are no standards in sizing for brands (but there should be!) so don't hold much value in the number or the letter! Hold value in how well something fits your unique and wonderful self.

Full disclosure: We at FRANC are doing our best to improve our sizing, we recently improved our size range and now we go from XS-XXL - we are always looking to improve more so if there is enough demand for a size we would be more than happy to add that to our range as well (so reach out!).
Also it's important to note, our XL (or XXL for that matter) is a true real life XL.

The Basic Elements Of A Good Fit

It can sometimes be hard to distinguish if something fits you well or not, as it's often hard to decide how something was intended to fit for the style.

Say for instance if an item is made for a loose look or slim fit, how are those fits supposed to look/fit on you? Often it has a lot to do with your personal preference but a good place to start with determining what fits well is looking closer at the basic elements of good fitting slim fitting clothes.

Since clothes that are styled or meant to fit loose have tons more wiggle room - and have a lot more to do with personal preference. And once you feel comfortable with finding your fit for a slim fitting item, the slouchy look is easy peasy. 

Let us explain more.

The Two Key Elements For A Good Fit

In all tops, the key areas for a good fit are your shoulder width and chest circumference.
If a piece of clothing fits you well in these key areas you can then go on to focus on how it fits in other areas.

The two key areas that show you if a top fits well are.....

The Basic Elements Of Your Unique Fit

This is when you need to grab a tape measure and measure yourself. Keeping an updated list of your measurements makes online shopping so much easier.

We suggest you open up a new note in your phones notepad - and keep a list of your current up to date measurements so you can always refer to them when you are shopping.

Size Charts Are Your Friend

Sadly sizes just aren't consistent or accurate, ever. It's the most frustrating when it's within a brand though, right!?

The BEST and actually only way to avoid the frustrating disappointment of ordering your size only to find out when it comes, it's not actually YOUR size.  Is to check the size chart and compare it to your unique measurements.

Try and match your two key measurements: THE SHOULDER WIDTH and THE CHEST to your unique measurements. And if you can't find a size that matches both, try your best to match one while keeping the other a bit too big (avoid too small).

FRANC Size Charts Are Unique For Each Style

•This allows you to compare your measurements to all the items, so you can feel confident when you order.

•There is a FIND YOU SIZE helper listed on each product - answer a few questions about your measurements and it will suggest a size for you!

•Our sizes are based on real bodies, XL is actually an XL and not at all like a size medium – crazy concept right?!

•Our sizes are based off each other, so sizing stays consistent across our brand - depending on the FIT of the garment.

•We like a little stretch, but not too much. Some stretch means you have a little more room to get the fit that you want + it's just more comfortable like that.

•Our customer service LOVES talk in real life, message us anytime and we would be happy to help.


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