Basics That Are Cut To Fit Larger Bodies,

Especially When You Are In-Between Normal And Plus Stores.

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I'm In-Between "Normal" And "Plus" Sizes, I Can't Find Clothes That Fit Me!

You are just casually scrolling through instagram and you stop at least 3 times to say "omg that is so nice!" when you see something your favourite influencer is wearing.
So you feel all inspired to get yourself that same cute top. You stop your scrolling and you open up a new tab (adding to the 100's that are already open of course) and you start searching for a similar top.

After just a bit of searching, you find it! It's perfect....but of course they don’t even carry large sizes, they stop at 10-12 which totally cuts off your style options.
Then you open another new tab (102 tabs open now?) and you click over to the plus size store. You start your search all over again here, but everything that is even remotely similar is made under the assumption that you want to completely hide your body, or it's made in poor (usually polyester) fabrics. There are those times when you get lucky and you finally find your size in a "normal" store only to excitingly order it - and then when it comes you realize the designers follow strange size patterns that make everything larger (since when do bodies grow in these proportions!?). 

We understand your frustration, actually (in the spirit of being honest) we at FRANC made this same mistake when we opened. We left out those in-between and mid sizes, which we quickly learned are much more average and required!
We know you don't want to always hide your body, you want flattering options that aren't ill-fitting.
We feel that you shouldn’t be limited to only shopping at plus size brands and you shouldn’t try an XL on, in a "normal" store only to have it fit like a M (who makes those sizes anyways!?). You deserve all the natural fiber basics, in different cuts and more styles to choose from – and you definitely deserve to wear clothes that have the shoulders be broad enough so you don't have to a size up and then have the sleeves be too long.

Next time you are shopping online, before you start comparing yourself to the model (because no matter her size, the clothes will fit her different than you).
The number one thing you need to is check the size chart.

The most important (top level) thing you can do to make sure something fits is to check to see how the garment is measured. If the size chart is ambiguous and it doesn't make sense,  email the customer service rep and ask them questions. After looking at how the garment is measured, you need to measure yourself.
TIP: Always compare your current measurements against the chart.

Of course there are all those other aspects that make your clothes fit differently (fabric and the style of the garment for instance) – and that's why we think you are really going to love our basics.

How FRANC Makes Basics To Fit Larger Bodies.

•We carry in-between sizes, our X-Large is an actual X-Large.

•Our sizes are based on how bodies naturally change. Shoulder seams that fall on shoulders and sleeves that don't hang past finger tips.

•Natural fibers (whenever possible); are our jam, natural fibers have a much longer life span – plus they breathe, wash and wear like fabrics.

•Sometimes we added a little stretch, which gives you a little more room to get the fit you want + it's just more comfortable like that.

•A variety of styles in different fits, so you only have to wear box if you want to wear a box.



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