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Non-Medical Face Covers

non-medical face covers for the rest of us.

We want to help our community; however, we can. And so we are using our capabilities to produce an alternative to using the medical-grade masks which are desperately need to protect our front line, healthcare workers. Making these covers will help to keep our factories workers employed.

As well our hope is these non-medical covers will aid in lessening the community need for medical-grade masks - keeping those for the front line healthcare workers.


These non-medical face covers are made from scrap fabric that would otherwise have gone into the landfill.

Non-medical covers will help to prevent face touching and only the most basic of particle transmission, dust, smoke, and pollen. These covers DO NOT replace the recommended N95 masks used for completely
protecting against the COVID-19 virus; those masks should be held exclusively for our frontline healthcare workers.
If you have symptoms of Covid-19, contact your local health authorities immediately.


All profits from non-medical face covers were donated to Food Banks Canada.

With your help we were able to donate $3055.31 to Food Banks of Canada, helps to make sure that food is there for our neighbours now and when the pandemic is over. 


Stay safe, indoors and physically distant. 💜