How To Find Classic, Evergreen Basics In Neutral All Year Colours,

Without Having To Sift Through The Fashionable Stuff That Doesn't Last Longer Than A Couple Months.


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Nothing Is Basic Anymore!

You go to the mall, in search of a classic top, you spend hours searching only to finally find what you had in mind, except not really because it has all these extra embellishments and big flashy logos on it which defeat the purpose and elegance of having basics. Why is so hard to find timeless basics in neutral all season colours? The neutral colours should be the easy ones to find, not everything needs to be updated with the seasons “in” colours that will be out as soon as the season is.

We understand these frustrations so well, actually FRANC was born out of these frustrations. We got tired of searching and decided we needed to be the ones to create the classics and leave them as classics – because some things need to stay evergreen and be there season after season. We believe that timeless essentials should speak for themselves, so they can be worn where and how you chose (casually, to work or wherever). 

If the stores you are frequently shopping at keep changing their basics to be flashy or updated with seasonal trends, the number one thing you need to do is find a new shop for your basics (simply put).
TIP: Your best bet will be the internet, you can do all your searching and comparing from the comfort of your PJS.

Of course there are all the aspects that make your basics TIMELESS – which is why we know you are really going to love our basics.

FRANC Is All About Basics

•Our focus is on clothes that are versatile – basic but not boring.

•We feel that clothes should have longevity past a seasonal trends and many wash cycles.

•We make basics that work for  our real everyday life – allowing you to decide when and how to wear them.

•Basics that are timeless with a slight refined edge to keep it interesting.

•No sifting through 'fashionable', ephemeral stuff that doesn't last longer than a couple of months .

•We plan to keep the timeless classics around for a long time – so they will be here when you come back (or at least they will be on their way back).



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