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5 Simple Ways to Reset Yourself Through Tough Times

5 Simple Ways to Reset Yourself Through Tough Times - FRANC

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

I think we can all agree that this past year up to the present, has taken a toll on all of us physically, emotionally, and mentally.  The things you used to do that brought you a sense of happiness, whether it’s singing loudly at your fav live concert or being at the movies watching a romantic comedy while sharing a large bucket of popcorn with friends, has been halted.  We know things aren’t back to normal as of yet, but it’s important for us to make sure that in this present moment, we take care of ourselves and still find a sense of peace and happiness, even during these insane times. In this article, we will look at five simple ways on how to hit the reset button in your life through words, activities, and even nature.

Shower yourself with amazing words.

Speaking encouraging words to yourself is a great mood uplifter, especially when you’re having discouraging moments.  Using positive words in your daily activities, from the biggest task to the smallest things, whether it’s organizing a closet or finishing a work assignment, should be celebrated.  A great way to get started is to create a list of positive affirmations that are encouraging and easy to remember such as, I am worthy of an amazing life.  This can come in handy for when you’re feeling down and just need a pick me up to feel reassured.  Also, another great self-talk exercise is to have a Yay! list. According to Good Housekeeping, having a Yay! list is simply to write down all your wins, big or small, for that day; like finding out there’s a sale at your favorite smoothie shop or finding extra change in your coat pocket. I know speaking positively to yourself may seem a bit uncomfortable at first, but in no time, you’ll master speaking positive words in your life that will give you a sense of gratitude and peace of mind.

Have a mini Getaway.

Now I know we‘re all not able to travel at the moment to an island; listening to the crashing waves while enjoying the sand between our toes, but a small trip outside, whether it’s enjoying a good mystery book while laying on the grass or going for an easy hike around the park, can be a great way to de-stress and take in the moments of nature. Some other great outdoor ideas can be outdoor bird watching at your Park Conservatory, backyard camping, or sitting safely by a lakeside.

Talk it Out..virtually.

The pandemic has really skyrocketed the levels of stress and anxiety for some of us; putting us in a state of worry, depression, and panic that has caused us to feel stuck.  According to a CDC report from early 2020, about 40 percent of adults reported struggling with mental health or substance abuse.  A great tool to use for speaking with a professional is a virtual therapy app; which can be beneficial in helping you learn coping skills and stress management. Virtual therapy also creates a safe and comfortable space in your own home and it’s cost-effective. A couple of virtual therapy apps to consider are Talkspace and Betterhelp.

Have a You Day.

Think of the things that make you laugh, smile, and relaxed and put them all together to create a day (or night) solely dedicated to you in the comforts of your home. Having a day for yourself can definitely recharge your energy, making you feel rejuvenated and in a better mood. Some suggestions you can try for your day are:

  • Getting enough good-quality sleep
  • Vibing out with some music therapy
  • Having a home spa experience with DIY mani-pedi and a facial
  • A relaxing warm bath with your favorite bath bomb
  • Trying Aromatherapy with scented oils that you love
  • Order from your favorite restaurant or cook your favorite dish
  • Watch a tv show series or a movie that made you laugh hysterically

Be mindful of your social media use.

While social media platforms are a great way to allow us to connect with friends & family and to put a smile on our face with the latest dance moves, it can also at times become too consuming to the point where you’re just scrolling or receiving the same alerts, headlines, and posts repeatedly which ends up almost taking over our lives  It’s best to take a break at times from social media and check a few hours in a day. It’s also helpful to be selective about who you follow and what social media app tools you’re using. If you’re feeling alone, it’s good to reach out and call a close friend or family member who is open to see how you are.

Going through trying times, especially during this pandemic, is never easy. It can have an effect on you as you go about your daily life. Just know that it’s okay for you to stop, take a breather and reset so you can be in a space that is peaceful.  Whether it’s getting extra hours of sleep, taking some fresh air outside, or just talking to someone, recharging ourselves can put us back in a better frame of mind.


Karen is a freelance copywriter living in New York City. When she’s not busy at the computer, she loves watching documentaries, vintage shopping, and street fairs.

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