Clothes for Real Life. 



Why We Do What We Do.

Franc is founded by Brandy Mercredi, a veteran apparel designer, lifestyle blogger and past mini basics designer at mini mioche. Brandy always felt style trumped fashion and found inspiration in the unique ways people were able to style a single item.

A long admiration of personal style coupled with an obsession to find the perfect basics; we at FRANC, knew fashion could BE more and DO better. Years of experience making and wearing clothes, had us dreaming of ways to do better by closets.

We are creating clothes to complement personal style rather than dictate it.


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made in canada clothing, quality basics, ethically made clothing, women's basics, seasonless clothing 

We Know The Feeling.

A closet FULL of clothes, but you still have nothing to wear (the struggle is real).
You bought it because you dug it, only to have it fall apart right out of the wash.
Fast fashion has put a bad taste in your mouth, for more reasons than one.
When you fall hard for that perfect basic, only to never find it for sale again when you want a refresher (the worst!).

We Wanted To Do Better.

We design and make clothes in Canada. Ethically made, not fast fashion.
Clothes that are versatile. Basic but not boring.
Clothes that have longevity past a seasonal trend and many wash cycles.
Clothes that work for your real everyday life.
Clothes that your closet needs and you will love.
Clothes that feel good and look good on.



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