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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100 CAD and $125 USD.
Where does the name FRANC come from?

Where does the name FRANC come from?

Probably the best and most common question we receive. Why is it best? Because we’ve inadvertently made FRANC sound like a person, maybe because to us it is so much more than a brand. It’s also a question we love to answer. The name FRANC came from the very beginning of the brand's journey...

“Honesty has always been something I valued greatly in my relationships, and that simple something I wished was more prevalent with the brands I shopped. When I got down to mapping out this new brand I was creating I started by listing the values I wanted my brand to have; honesty was pretty much top of the list. So when it came to finding the perfect name, I used that list of values and started brainstorming. Almost immediately the phrase “Let’s be Frank” stood out and I literally could not get it out of my head. So I ran with it and then softened it a little with a C”
- Brandy (FRANC founder, designer and many many other roles) 


We like to think of FRANC as that ideal friend, here to help lift us and give us straight advice. She's that friend (or stranger) who saved your day by quietly letting you know when you accidentally left your zipper open or the tag on your new shirt.

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Lesley Pocklington - January 29, 2019

I love the name FRANC and your unwavering commitment to honesty. Thanks for sharing this!

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