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Dear Fast Fashion,

Dear Fast Fashion,

Dear Fast Fashion,

It’s been a while since we’ve talked. We’ve grown apart recently, but I still need to get some closure on our relationship.

You and I once had a good time together. It was easy to be with you. I was attracted to all that you offered and I felt so lucky by the abundance of things I could afford. We had a pretty long run. I really didn’t think I could do any better.  

But then I started to notice a lack of quality in our relationship. You promised a lot, but everything I have from my time with you is falling apart. And any time I came back for more, I felt empty.

I’m not coming back for more any more.

I’ve grown a lot lately. I’ve started to see that my wants and needs should never hurt other people or the environment. And unfortunately, that is what you do. I don’t want to bash you. Yes, I am angry, but I also know that you have been stuck in this consuming trap for a long time. You’re dragging too many people down with you.

I’m putting my foot down and I’m spreading the word to warn all others who are dazzled by your empty promises.

Please, clean up your act. Take a look around at the beautiful earth we live on and all the beautiful people around us. There’s been a lot of pain caused by your actions, but it’s not too late to slow down. It’s never too late to change and start again.  

However, I’ve fallen in love with ethical, sustainable fashion. I love who I am with it, I love the quality it provides, and I am in this relationship for the long hall.

All the best,

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Written By Jade Paxton for FRANC

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Julia Lemieux - November 4, 2019

Yes to all of this! Thank you for creating an alternative that I truly love to wear!

Sophia - November 4, 2019

Sophia P.

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