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Become a Franc ambassador | FRANC

Join our community and become an ambassador

We've relaunched our ambassador program, and it's better than ever. The new platform is incredibly ambassador-friendly; it allowed us to create a great little community and finally offer an affiliate program. So who is our ambassador program for? Great question; here is a quick breakdown: 

  • Someone who loves Franc, and likes to share and talk about things they like socially.
  • Someone who wants to be a part of a community of fashion-loving, earth-caring Franc fans; get gifts, wear gifts, share about wearing the gifts, and make $ from wearing and sharing while giving a discount code to others who like what you are wearing.
  • Someone who wants to share their Franc purchases and make affiliate dollars from doing so.
  • Someone who wants to connect Franc products to posts and also make affiliate $ from their hard work.

If any of this sounds like you, check it out and see! Applying is easy, 5 mins on your phone.

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