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The Importance of Inclusive Sizing

The Importance of Inclusive Sizing

Exciting things are happening! And at this time in life, it’s good to get excited about the small things. 

So happy dance with us! (It’s the new drum roll . . . and since most of us are at home, we might as well shake it a bit.)

We are extending our size range to 3X! 

Franc is now carrying true-to-size XS through 3X - every new item that arrives will come in this new extended size range. Every body type is beautiful and all clothes should be available in all sizes. We’re happy to take these steps to grow and bring up the importance of inclusive sizing. 

“Being size inclusive means that, no matter how you look—short, tall, big, small, athletic, curvy, flat, plus size—you will not be discriminated against based on your size. When it comes to clothes, it means a brand is trying to cover as many different sizes as possible and doesn’t just cater to one figure.”

For years fashion’s held a standard for how women should look. Thank goodness, change is happening. People started raising their voices against body-shaming, inspiring movement toward inclusivity in fashion. We have a long way to go still, but we’re heading in a good direction. Inclusivity is important because all bodies are important. All bodies are beautiful. All bodies deserve to be included. 

Body positivity starts with loving the skin you are in. Fashion can help by providing clothing in your size. (Especially quality clothes that make you feel good and even more comfortable in your skin.) You should only ever be yourself—the beautiful, authentic, goddess that you are. You should NEVER have to change for fashion. Fashion can change for you. 

We want to have your back and empower you the best way we can as we continue to grow. We run true-to-size and have our measurements on our site for each garment. If you have any questions or need help with sizing, reach out! We know how tricky it can be to find the right fit, especially when you’re shopping online. We’d love to hear from you.

Feel like getting in on the conversation? Chime in on how inclusive sizing has affected your life. Wishing you all peace and love.


Written By Jade Paxton for FRANC 

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