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How does your sizing work?

We base all our styles on 4 different fits: loose, relaxed, regular and slim. Each garment designed under the same fit will fit your body the same (as they are based on the same base measurements). When looking at a style, you can also check our size charts as each style has it's own unique size chart that shows exactly how the garment measures (so there is no guessing for you).

Where do I find your size chart/guide?

Each style has it's own unique size chart (the link is located just above the sizes on each styles page). These size charts show exactly how the unique garment measures.



What kind of fabrics are your items made in?

We use a Tencel/Cotton/Lycra blend fabric, as we grow and are able to meet high minimums we hope to be able to make that blend even more eco friendly and add more fabric choices to our lineup. We focus on natural fibre fabrics that feel great, are comfortable, can be machine washed (in cold) and hangs in all the right ways off bodies. Check the FABRIC+CARE tab on each item to see details for each style.

Where are your fabrics made?

All our fabrics are be knit and dyed (using OEKO TEX bluesign dyes. in Toronto, using TENCEL blended yarns that have been spun and dyed specifically for us. 

the FABRIC+CARE tab on each item to see details for each style.



What is your return policy?

Our return process is super easy, scouts honour. Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds on sale or discounted items, yes that means free returns for first timers are not valid during a sale or discount or Last Call items. We do accept returns for unwashed/unworn items that still have the tags on within 30 days of placing your order. You can visit our Returns page for more details or go right to the return portal to request your return.

What do you consider a defect?

When something arrives already ruined (for whatever reason), if you notice a knitting hole, stitches are unfinished, or something else after approx 1 or 2 wears. Unfortunately, we cannot fix items after regular wear and tear comes into play (holes, broken stitches, or tears are all examples). We try our best to make clothes that last but wear and tear is very different for all, and we cannot guarantee a length of time for any garment. Unfortunately, we are not large enough to fix items or offer refunds for items that have been worn or show regular signs of wear. If you like, you can email us (at with photos, but be prepared if your order is more than a week or two old and shows signs of regular wear and tear, we may not be able to accept it for a fix.



Do you offer a pick-up option?

We do not have that option right now.

Does FRANC ship in individual plastic bags?

Short answer: no. Long answer: We do not use those clear ploy bags to store or ship our products. We prepare all items folded and nicely packaged in kraft paper; then we use 100% compostable mailers to send your orders - no plastic at all.

Where do you ship?

We ship worldwide, but our lowest rates are within North America (Canada and the US). You can visit our Shipping page for more details.

Can I change or cancel my order after it has been placed?

Yes, within one hour we can make changes and we can cancel your order as long as it hasn't shipped yet. Please email us as soon as you realize you need to make a change and we will see what we can do!



Where is your office located?

We currently work remotely of Downtown-ish Toronto, Canada. Our team is small and mostly made up of talented freelancers, contractors and consultants

Where is your factory located?

The local factory that we use (where all our items are cut and sewn) is pretty much our neighbour; they are about 18 km from where we work in Toronto - which makes our regular visits a breeze.



Can I buy your basics in a store or boutique?

Unfortunately no, we sell exclusively online to you - the main reason for this is so we can leave out the retail mark-up (read more about that here) which helps keep our prices fair. From time to time we do have pop-up shops, where you can come see our basics in real life, you can follow our blog to stay up to date with those - or even easier subscriber to our newsletter (scroll all the way down and enter your email).

I want to carry your items in my store, do you wholesale?

We do not wholesale but email us as we are interested in collaborating with like-minded stores and brands.

I have more questions, I am curious about many things!

We have a series of Ask Us Anything Posts, where Brandy answered questions regularly, you might find some your questions answered in there.

What if the style/size/colour I want is sold out?

Nine times out of 10 that style is an all season basic, and we will be restocking it. But make sure you enter your email address in the sold-out prompt within each style, as you look at it. We keep a list of everyone who is interested, and those get this fun little email letting them know when the item is back in stock before anyone else! We also tend to gauge which styles we should bring back based on your interest, so let us know you're interested!

Still, have a question that we didn't quite answer? Shoot us an email at, we'd love to help you out or answer any pressing query (it will also help us to update or FAQ).