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How COVID-19 Taught Us the Important Things for a Good Life | FRANC

How COVID-19 Taught Us the Important Things for a Good Life

Wow, 2020. What a year.

COVID-19 came along and highlighted how unpredictable life is. This year has been a lot to handle. And although it’s been dubbed a dumpster fire, it’s had some good memes . . . I mean moments ;)

It might feel too soon to talk about the good things COVID taught us, considering we’re not out of the woods yet. In the fashion of being frank and keeping it real, we won’t dismiss how hard this year has been on many levels, in many ways. It’s been incredibly challenging, but we want to take a moment to reflect on the important things COVID taught us for a good life. Here are a few we could think of, chime in on the comments below to add your reflections. 

COVID taught us:

  • That it's good to slow down
  • That we need community and connection
  • To be grateful for good health
  • To cherish our moments with our close friends and family
  • To take a stand
  • To support one another
  • To take extra measures to protect the vulnerable

 A lot of issues—that were always there—were brought to our attention during the pandemic. In these times we learned the importance of taking a stand for justice and examining our prejudices. COVID continues to show us how connected we all are. We are at our best when we do the hard work, not just for ourselves, but for each other. We are learning to raise our voices and support others—whether it’s for small businesses or for social justice. COVID taught us to think beyond ourselves and take precautionary measures to protect the vulnerable. When all of this is behind us, may we remember to slow down, be grateful for the moment we are in, and take time to reach out and maintain connections.

Wherever this post finds you, we send you all good vibes, rest, and peace. May we face 2021 with courage and gumption, confident that—no matter what—we are strong, and we will continue to grow. We raise a glass to the important things in life. To deep breaths, to family (chosen and blood), to resilience. To you. Cheers to you, friends!


Jade is a freelance writer and copy editor, living in a sleepy town in Northern Ontario. She loves growing plants, playing with dirt, and staying cozy. 


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