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The Most Eco-Friendly Mailers We've Ever Used | FRANC

The Most Eco-Friendly Mailers We've Ever Used

A couple years ago, we updated our mailers to compostable mailers. And while those were amazing, we did love them. We found that not all people could compost them (not every location as civic, community or access to yard composting), and since those weren't recyclable, they could sadly hinder people's personal sustainability progress. 

Because of that, we are excited to let you know that your online orders will be shipped out in our brand new custom kraft mailers. These are made of recycled FSC paper and are fully recyclable and/or compostable - receiver's choice.

Our new mailers:

♻️ They are fully recyclable, so toss them in with your paper recyclables.

🌎They are biodegradable; you need to tear off the shipping label (we haven't found a biodegradable option for that yet) and then place the bag in your compost bin. 

💪🏼They are tough and pretty weather resistant. Plus, most of our goods will arrive in individual compostable bags, so you have the extra layer of protection while your goods are in our hands and en route. 

📨Are reusable. You can tear it open like an envelope and reuse it using household tape.

😍 Not to mention, they are so nice to look at. 


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