Why We Use Tencel Fabric

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Why We Use Tencel Fabric

The fabric is the core of all fashion it can make or break a garment, especially the most basic of styles.
We opened our doors in April of 2017, yes we have only been running for a short time – short yes, but we have been RUNNING the entire time. We've had the opportunity to test out a few different fabric types and blends. We realized a few things about what we as a brand require from a fabric, what you as our customer (majority speaking) need from fabric and which fabric helps our styles show their best selves. In the end, after way too much deliberation, honestly, if you could see the stresses and many texts to everyone we know, over what is seemingly a simple choice you’d probably do an eye roll laugh at us and a big long ughhhhh.
We decided that going forward (at least for the foreseeable future) we are going to be strictly using our favourite fabric blend which is: Tencel™️, Cotton, Spandex.
Why? Let us walk you through our thought process.

1.Tencel™️ is made from wood fibres.
Which is similar to bamboo, the difference when it comes to Tencel™️ or Lyocell (which is the generic name for the same fabric) is the wood fibres are harvested from eucalyptus trees and then dissolved in non-toxic organic solvent. This solvent is then recycled and reused in a closed loop process where more than 99% of the solution is reused. The benefit for us to use the name brand TENCEL™️ as opposed to the generic Lyocell is the origin of the wood fibres are traceable and guaranteed to be sourced from sustainable forests in Austria and neighbouring countries, along with their environmentally responsible non-toxic closed-loop process.

2. Tencel™️ is incredibly soft and gentle on the skin. 
When mixed with cotton the fabric has the stability of cotton, a bit of the crispness but the slight drape and added the softness of Tencel™️. The material also stays soft after many washes, which to you and us is incredibly important.

3. Tencel™️ is incredibly strong 
And when mixed with cotton the fibres together have a high long lasting quality to them. Meaning your garments will stand the test of time, they will withhold your regular wear and tear and won’t require you to be delicate.

4. Tencel™️ is incredibly breathable.
It helps to pull the moisture away from your body and release it quickly. If you have a hot and sweaty day, your clothing made with Tencel™️ won’t stay sweaty for long (and the sweat areas won't travel and grow as they would with pure cotton or bamboo), and it will help keep you cooler.

5. Tencel™️ is less easily wrinkled.
When compared to cotton alone and other fibres like bamboo, the fabric wrinkles less. So when you hang to dry often a few good shakes can get your wrinkles out.

6. Since Tencel™️ is created from cellulose fibres, it is entirely biodegradable.


Why have we chosen to blend Tencel™️ with Cotton and Spandex?
We requested and fought for Organic Cotton to blend with our Tencel™️, but since this is currently not a very common yarn blend and we are still the “little guy" we were unable to attain it. Our goal is to eventually switch from Cotton to Organic Cotton when it is possible, and we will be trying and pushing each season. As we grow and become more substantial as our push will also becomes much stronger, and that exact perfect yarn we are hoping for will be attainable.
Why spandex? After many trials and tribulations with fabrics, we found we were best able to give you what you to want concerning feel, fit and wearability when there was a bit of stretch involved. We are always looking for a more eco-friendly equivalent to spandex, but until then we are making do with what is available.

Not perfect by any means but we are here making small steps and continuously improving ourselves as we go.

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April 04, 2019

Hi Brandy and team, this is amazing! I’ve spent years (YEARS!) searching for made in Canada, ethically made, ecologically sustainable, affordable, non yoga (but can be used for yoga if I want to on a whim), real life reusability (aka, not high fashion, I’d actually wear this on the daily) clothing and found nothing (the made in Canada part was especially hard) with reviews for fabrics that hold up… oh man, I’m so glad I found you and have been excitedly following your story for a year now. Will you bring the joggers back in stock? And pretty please will you include blush in your colour palette? 😁 looooove your ethics, keep it up!

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