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How to Become a More Intentional Consumer

How to Become a More Intentional Consumer - FRANC

You might notice when topics like ethical fashion, low-waste living, or minimalism come up the words “intentional consumer” are following along closely. Like little BFFs.

We all know how challenging it is to resist consuming in our society. There can be a lot of pressure to own things and keep up a certain Instagram perfect image. It’s silly, really. Especially when you start to notice that owning the newest things is only temporarily fulfilling. After a while, it just becomes stuff.

So how do you fight it? How do you start being a more intentional consumer?

I think it starts with slowing down. Taking a deep breath and introducing yourself to a new approach where you . . .

Ask, think, wait, and then buy.

Ask. Like most new habits, you have to get real with yourself, ask some questions, and find out why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Do you want to be more ethical? Save money? Not buy so many things? Just be more conscious?

Knowing your why sets up a good foundation for you to build on.

Think. A lot of times there can be the urge to just buy something—we all get it. When you pause to think about what you are buying, you’re giving yourself a moment to check back in with your why. This is also a good time to consider the life of the item—where it comes from and where it goes once you are done with it.

Wait. A good habit to introduce when you need to buy something is waiting. Often you’ll realize that it wasn’t that important, you might even forget about it. Or if it’s something you really need, waiting the 30 days before purchasing makes buying it more exciting. (However, if you are down to your last pair of socks without holes—girl, go get it!)

If you want to spend your money on more ethical and sustainable items, the waiting period is a good time to do a little research on the company you are buying from and maybe see if there is a local maker around who sells what you’re looking for. Or perhaps what you need is something that can be borrowed. It’s always worth checking in with your community and friends to see if you can figure out a reliable lending system.

And then buy. As you know, here at Franc we value quality, sustainable, ethical products. When you make a purchase, it’s worth spending a little extra for quality items that you can wear over and over throughout the year. We are all about quality over quantity.

No matter how intentional you are about buying, items will need to be replaced. Wear and tear is a part of life. And we’d love to be your BFF for your quality basics needs.

A good thing to remind yourself is that all you’re committing to is slowing down and exercising your power as a consumer. You might find that as you become more intentional with your purchases, you’ll start to become more intentional in general. There’s so much beauty around us and it’s often blurred by the humdrum of the mundane, by the yells of society to constantly go and buy. It’s a wonderful thing to wake up your intention and pull yourself into what you want and need from life. You have all you need inside you. You’ve got this.

Written By Jade Paxton for FRANC

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