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Essential Reads: Personal Finances

Essential Reads: Personal Finances

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It's a book club without the whole, testing out a new book and meeting to chat about it part. So actually, not a book club at all.

I personally (Brandy, founder of Franc 😉 ) wanted a chance to share my tried and tested favourite, changed my life, ride and die by, bible type books, with the Franc community. Our goal besides 'kicking fast fashion in the butt and filling your closet with quality ethically made basics', is to help you along your personal journey in as many ways as we can. Sharing the books that have helped to make me a better person, entrepreneur, friend, mother, and all-around human being is something more people would have shared with me along my path. If you are currently in funky space and need some extra knowledge, direction and inspiration we hope can eventually have a go-to list of essential reads for you in many areas that you can trust.

First, I'd love to dive into the awkward, dull and super dry world of personal finance. Since this stuff personally makes my eyes glaze over, and my mind wanders to anywhere BUT, I am super, picky with the books I allowed to take up my brain space.

These are the TOP 5 books that changed how I manage money, handle it, think about it, make it, talk dirty to it...all of them it's about money.

Have you encountered any money/life-changing books? Do share!

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