What to be a FRANC Ambassador?

Think: free products, special discounts, product trials and you get to be part of a super crew of people working to lift each other up. Ready to sign up?

 FRANC Ambassador program

links to creators, clockwise: @ourmomentsoftoday, @theomedit, @sarablache, @megfolkinga, @bluebirdkisses, @adaypack, @t_i_f_f_o, @allbutrachel

Do you already love FRANC?

We'd love for you to be a FRANC Ambassador. You'll get access to free products, discounts for your friends and family and you'll get to help shape our future products - not to mention the incredible gang of empowering women you'll be around.

  • Free products or shop credits.
  • Be apart of product trials, giving input and helping to shape and create new products
  • Discounts to share with your friends and family
  • And more coming soon...

How does the program work?

Existing FRANC customers (already fans) get first dibs on ambassador spots. You'll also need to have a public IG account or other public social account to apply, as we need you to have a place to share. Fill out the form, and we will follow up via email with all the fine details. Please note we will only be accepting a specific amount of ambassadors each month, spots will be limited.

Interested? Click to fill out the form and we will be in contact!



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