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kind is the new cool.

Real Talk: Self Care Is More Than Self

In the past few years, there has been a revolution when it comes to the concept of self-care. Beyond a revolution, it's become a popular, regular thing to take care of your mind, body and soul. This is amazing, especially for those of us who grew up being taught to take care of others first or that focusing on yourself too much is selfish. Taking care of your self is not selfish (far from it), it is mandatory to stay sane especially in this fast paced, technological, anti social (in real life) world we live in. When talking about self-care, it's more than how we treat ourselves it's about how we treat other people around us. How does self-equate to others? How does that even make sense?

When talking about self-care, it's a much bigger picture and more than how we treat ourselves. It's also about how we treat other people around us. How does self-equate to others? How does that even make sense?

When we treat others with kindness, we get kindness in return. Sure this is taking kindness and turning it around to be selfish and self-serving, which it shouldn't be and it isn't. But there is an aspect to everything that comes back around to you personally, it's the old rule of karma. When you are kind to others; a simple smile to a stranger (not ALL strangers, let's be safe here), a "bless you" when a stranger sneezes, holding the door open for someone, even leaving a nice comment (authentic) on someones social post rather than just a like. These are all really tiny acts of kindness that not only can bring kindness vibes back to you, they can make you feel good inside - self-caring for your insides by caring for others around you.

Kindness is important and just as important as self-care is for self-serving, happy life reasons, sure. It's important that we all add a little pep to someone else's day and do our part to help keep this world from being overly anti social and overly technologic and doom and gloom.

Kindness is the new cool. Self-care is the new normal.


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