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How To Shop Online For Clothes: 7 Frustration Avoiding Tips

How To Shop Online For Clothes: 7 Frustration Avoiding Tips - FRANC

Like you need to be told how to shop online. Who are we even kidding, right!? Okay, we know you don't NEED to learn how to shop online, you do a fine job as is. BUT we can help make to make it less frustrating and more efficient for you. Do you feel like shopping online for clothes is frustrating? do you often feel like it's hard to find your proper size or fit? Or maybe you get a frustrated feeling like things never arrive as expected?

And now if you already feel you are super efficient as an online shopper then high five (and also, send us your tips). And then, send this to your friend who openly states how much they dislike shopping for clothes online - this is totally for her (HI, her!).

1. Measure Yourself

You probably know your measurements, but you know these things are funny - they change often and a lot. Sometimes drastically (different times of the month can do this) and sometimes minimally (say like from AM to PM). So this is what we suggest:

  • start a new note in your phones Notepad
  • measure your chest, waist and hips (this is the widest part of your butt/hip area)
  • do this in the AM before breakfast and again in the PM after dinner (find a happy balance between your morning and night measurements - the comfort zone)
  • now do this when your cycle is at it's craziest (oh YOU know the time we're talking about) - write this in your notepad. And find a semi balance between this and your normal measurements.
  • title these measurements for easy looking "PERFECT MEASUREMENTS";)

2. Measure Your Favourite Clothes

Take 1 tee, 1 structured shirt and your favourite jeans, the ones that that fit you like a glove.

  • measure the chest (from underarm to underarm), measure the waist (the smallest part), the hips (on a shirt it's just across the bottom opening), and the waist and hips on your pants.
  • add this list to your note (yes the same one)
  • keep a list of how your fave garments measure, trust us it's handy. You can double them for the full wrap around or keep them as the front of the back only (but note this).
  • title these measurements "PERFECT CLOTHES MEASUREMENTS"

3. What Fabrics Are In Your Closet

Open up that closet, pull out the items you wear A LOT. What fabrics are they made in? Are they natural fibres? Man-made fibres? Or mostly knit fabrics (sweaters, t-shirts, sweatshirts)? Or are they mostly structured wovens (button downs, blouses)? Do you need to iron a lot of your stuff? All of these things are important to note, especially if you gravitate to certain fabrics.

  • write down (in the same note) the type of fabrics you usually wear
  • also write down the most common fabric contents (check the labels for this)
  • this is important to note as you know these fabrics already work for you, your body and your lifestyle so you can trust they will probably do so again inthe future
  • title this list "PERFECT FABRIC TYPES"

4. What Size Are You?

Those favourite items of yours that you wear A LOT, the ones we made you pull out of your closet. What size are they?

  • write down (in the same note - obvi) the brand name and the size
  • it's helpful to know how a brand fits you, often if you have questions you can contact customer service and say "blah blah brand fits me" and they will know right away what that fit is like.
  • title this list "BRANDS AND SIZES"

5. Do This For Your Shoes

Write a list of your shoe brands and the corresponding sizes. And then also measure the soles of those shoes - at this to your note also. 

6. Check For Quality

So you do you even check for quality when shopping online? Well, there are a few ways, tell tale signs and just easy things to check for - but nothing is foolproof (but if you get fooled know the drill).

  • look at the fabric content, high in natural fibres means it's a fabric that sews well and will withstand washing better - check for % of blends, the more details the better.
  • low low price points - those fast fashion steals? Not always, but usually you get what you pay for (sorry but it's true).
  • look for care instructions, if they have them listed. Anything that requires too many washing steps, will probably fall apart easier then you had hoped.
  • read the description. Is it descriptive and passionate? If the seller/brand is passionate about thier product and descriptive about all the details this is usually a great sign for quality (they usually have a great reason for being open and passionate).
  • look at the stitching, is there extra stitching on top of seams? This is often a good sign and since you can't look inside the garment this will have to do.

a few things and tips to keep in mind:

  • colours can be different on every screen, sometimes computer screens are just off a little, and then your phone screen might be off a little more or crisp and clear. Basically, though, it's near impossible to get a true colour match when looking online - sucks I know.
  • if you are curious email the store size, quality, anything! They should be responsive and helpful.
  • go with your gut, call it women's intuition but (wo)man the gut knows.
  • sit on something for a day, usually, your cart will stay active and you can go back and purchase - but sleeping on it almost always helps.
  • use your notepad as your shopping bible, refer to it when shopping. But always keep in mind how an item is styled to fit. For instance is it loose or slim? Sometimes an item is designed to fit a certain way for the style - which is something you should find in the description.
  • always compare your PERFECT measurements and your PERFECT clothes measurements to size charts when you are shopping.
  • pay close attention to how tthe store has created those size charts. For instance, we build our size charts specific for each item, based on how our garments measure (like how you measured your fave items), but some retailers list how a garment should/will probably fit.
  • check fabric content against your list and look for those tell-tale quality signs.

This was much longer winded then we let on, but hopefully helpful? Lastly, once you find a brand that you love, that fits well and is made in quality - stick with them.

Do you have any go-to tips for shopping online? To keep things smooth, easy and stress-free?

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